In a smoker, is there heat under the brisket?

In a smoker with a firebox, do you build a fire underneath the brisket?

Question Submitted by John:

I just bought a new Char-Broil Smoker (with side smoke box). When cooking a brisket is there any heat underneath the brisket (from charcoal) or is the brisket cooking solely from heat generated by side smoker box? Sorry if this question sounds a little stupid!




Hello. No questions are stupid! The heat is generated solely from the side smoker box. Make sure you purchase an inexpensive, oven thermometor to place on the cooking surface next to the meet you are smoking. The thermometor built onto your smoker will read hotter than the cooking surface really is. Most meats are smoked at 225 or so. My smoker's thermometor reads 275, but the cooking surface is 225. Good luck and let me know if you have more questions!

The Smoker King