Fried Alligator Recipe

Alligator meat can be found at seafood markets from Texas to Florida. It can also be ordered online. I decided to fry some alligator meat and try it out for myself. I was surprised to find that it is really tender and has a mild, fresh flavor. The meat typically comes from the tail.

Recipe by: The Smoker King

Fried Alligator


1. 2 lb. alligator meat, cut into bite-sized pieces
2. Garlic Salt Pepper
3. 2-Tbsp Tony Chachere's
4. 3-eggs 3/4 cup milk
5. 3/4 cup flour


1. Season alligator meat cubes with garlic, salt and pepper to your taste.
2. Combine eggs, milk and mix well.
3. Combine Tony's and flour
4. Roll each piece of alligator in flour.
5. Deep fry at 325 until golden brown.