Smoked Pork Ribs Recipe With Onion Soup Mix

I have always liked the rich, creamy flavor of onion soup. One day I decided to experiment a little with BBQ pork ribs and add a little beef and onion flavor to the mix. I came up with a new BBQ rib recipe that turned out great! The pork ribs are very tender when cooked correctly, and the induced beef flavor is excellent with pork. Let me know what you think.

BBQ Ribs Using Onion Soup Mix


1. A rach of pork spare ribs. Saint-Louis Style work well, but regular style works well too.
2. 2– packages of onion soup mix
3. Your Favorite BBQ Rib Rub
4. 4 cups of water


Prepare the rack of ribs by removing the membrane and trimming all excess fat. A little fat is not a bad thing and will help keep the ribs moist. You can do this the night before to let your rub do a little tenderizing, or you can do it before you cook.

Let the ribs sit out for a couple hours to get them closer to room temperature before you put them on the pit. I think they cook more evenly this way – if the inner temp is cold when you put the ribs on the smoker, it will take longer to reach a done temp than the outside of the ribs.

Fire up your smoker and get the internal temp to 250 degrees F. I like to use an oven thermometer, placed on the cooking surface so I know what the real temp is around the meat I am cooking. The thermometer on your pit may be up to 50 degrees off from the temp you are really cooking at. Heat rises and your temp gauge is probably in the top of the pit. 

Cooking the Ribs:

Apply your favorite rib rub. I would sprinkle on a little salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika.

Smoke the ribs for two hours directly on the pit at 250.

Mix up two package of onion soup mix to four cups of water. Most bags of the mix read one bag to four cups of water, but doubling the amount of mix is essential. Basically, increase the amount of mix you use by doubling it and keep the amount of liquid the same.

Before the two hour mark, make an aluminum foil boat to hold the ribs and onion soup mix. Make it large enough so you are able to seal the foil around the ribs, holding the liquid.  Put the ribs in the foil bone side up, and pour enough liquid to cover the bottom 1/4 - 1/2 the height of the ribs or so. 

Maintain your temp and cook the ribs for another 1.5 hours. Open the foil, flip the ribs, seal the foil back, and continue smoking for 1 more hour.

They should be pretty darn tender at that point. Take them off, cut, and serve! A great tip is to slice the ribs bone side up. You can see exactly where to cut that way.