Orange BBQ Sauce Recipe

I have found that this orange barbeque sauce recipe is great on chicken, but it also tastes great on just about anything else. I smoked a rack of ribs the other day and I had some of this sauce left over. I tried it and needless to say, it was great. I am not sure what it would taste like on brisket, so if you try it, let me know what you think.

The Smoker King.

Orange BBQ Sauce


1-Can frozen orange juice concentrate
1/3-cup brown sugar
1/4-Cup corn syrup
1/2-cup malt vinegar (or white vinegar)
3/4-Cup water
1-Tsp mustard
1-Tbsp Soy sauce
1-Tbsp garlic powder
1-Tbsp onion powder
Salt and Pepper to taste.


1. Thaw the orange juice
2. Whisk corn syrup, brown sugar, and orange juice together until the sugar dissolves
3. Whisk in the rest of the ingredients.