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Barbecue and Grilling Tips

1. A good place to purchase an inexpensive smoker is either ebay, or a garage sale in your city. It is amazing to find a treasure that someone else believes is junk.

 2. Always try to purchase fresh meat to smoke or grill. You will get a better finished product.

 3. Keep your knives sharp. The longer a dull blade is used, the harder it is to put an edge back on the blade.

 4. When purchasing a brisket, look for one that has white fat, and is bright red in color. A brisket that is darker in color is not fresh.

Grilling Ribeyes


5. When you throw a tailgate party at Texas Tech, and the football game which is scheduled to start at noon gets moved to 9 p.m., don't start the party at 6:00 a.m. thinking you will make it all day.

 6. You can expect to get about 5 pounds of meat from a 10 pound brisket. After trimming the brisket before cooking, and trimming the fat after cooking, you will lose quite a bit of weight.

 7. When creating a mop, remember that sugar and tomato will tend to burn when subjected to heat for a long period of time. Use them in a finishing mop instead to create a glaze on the meat.

8. Fresh herbs and spices such as basil, time and oregano can be preserved by chopping them up, and then placing them in ice cube trays with water. You will end up with frozen cubes of herbs that can be directly added to what you are cooking. A frozen cube equals about a tablespoon.

9. There are 6 ways to spell barbeque in the English language: BBQ, Bar-BQ, Bar-B-Cue, Bar-B-Que, Barbeque and Barbecue

10. Try adding garlic cloves to the fire, periodically, when you are smoking just about any type of meat. It will add a nice garlic flavor to the outer layer of the meat.


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