Spare Rib Rub Recipe

Recipe by: The Smoker King

I use this spare rib rub recipe when I want to make a quick and simple rub.  The rub recipe is easy to make and you can add other ingredients if you like.  This recipe will make enough to coat the top of a rack of ribs.  If you want to make a larger batch of rib rub, simply add double or even quadruple the amount per ingredient.


2.5-Tbsp Brown sugar
1/4-Tbsp Salt
1/4-Tbsp Garlic powder
1/4-Tbsp 1/4 Tbsp Cumin
1-Tbsp Tony's or similar cajun seasoning
1/4 Tbsp Dry mustard
1/4 Tbsp Pepper


I usually mix and store all ingredients in an empty seasoning container.
Tips: This recipe usually works for one rack of ribs. If you need more just double the recipe.