The Smoker King's Chicken Rub Recipe

There are many different variations of BBQ chicken rubs from store bought to custom creations you dream up at home.  You don't want a chicken rub that will overwhelm the natural, grilled chicken flavor.  You want a rub that enhances it.  You can experiment with different variations of this BBQ chicken rub and come up with your own.  I hope this recipe gives you some ideas for creating your own rub.

Recipe by:The Smoker King


2-Tsp Paprika
1-Tsp Cayenne
2-Tsp Garlic Powder
1-Tsp Mustard Powder
1-Tbsp Chili Powder
1-Tsp Salt
1/4-Tbsp Cumin
1-Tsp Onion Powder


I usually mix and store all ingredients in an empty seasoning container.


This recipe works well on chicken. I have had nothing but compliments. The rub is also complimented by using a finishing glaze or barbeque sauce on the chicken before it is done.

We hope you enjoy this BBQ chicken rub recipe.