Do you have a recipe for smoking shrimp?

Question Submitted by Danelle:


What are some recipes and ideas for smoking shrimp? I am looking for recipes on how to smoke shrimp in a smoker. We have done lots of jerky, bacon, turkey, etc. but I can't seem to find a good recipe for smoking shrimp. Any ideas you would have would be greatly appreciated!!


Hello Danelle. If you smoke shrimp, use a milder wood such as alder, or the shrimp may be too smokey when they are done. My favorite way to smoke the shrimp is to devein them, fill the void with a strip of pepperjack cheese and a jalapeno slice, and then wrap the whole thing in bacon. I smoke the shrimp for about 45 minutes at 275 degrees, or until the bacon is done. When the bacon is done, the shrimp are done. You might pre-fry the bacon for a minute or so to speed up the cooking process. The shrimp don't take that long..

The Smoker King