Texas Sweet Ale Recipe - Homebrew Beer

Style: almost a Belgian Strong Golden Ale

This is a sweet beer with a complex character imparted primarily by the special yeast used. Kick back and down a flass or two and you'll love it. Flavor profile very similar to Chimay with an excellent finish.

Texas Sweet Ale Beer Recipe

Ingredients in No Particular Order

Amount, Ingredient

11 LB, Light Liquid Malt Extract (Should use one that leaves a little sweet behind after fermentation)

1 LB, Clear Belgian Candi Sugar

1 LB, Crystal Malt (15L)

6 oz, Light Dry Malt Extract for starter

1 vial, White Labs Belgian Abbey Ale Yeast WLP530

1/2 oz, 4.75AAU Fuggles Hop Pellets

1 oz, 6 AAU Santium Hop Pellets

4.5 oz, Corn Sugar for bottling

Yeast Starter


2oz Light DME 500mL H2O

Boil DME and H2O for 10min Cover and let cool to 70of

Pour starter wort into starter jar

Add solid stopper and shake vigorously for 8-10min

Add yeast and airlock jar


4oz. Light DME 250mL H2O

Boil DME and H2O for 10min

Cover and let cool to room temp

Pour starter wort into sanitized jar

Shake vigorously for 8-10min.

Add starter wort to starter

Add solid stopper and shake vigorously for 8-10min

Add yeast and airlock jar

* Complete the first step then just after full krausen (5-8hrs) or so complete the second step.

* After full krausen has been reached on the second step it is ready to pitch to the 5gal of high gravity wort within (8hrs).

Brewing Recipe

Boil 2 Gallons water for 20 minutes, cover and let it cool to room temp- Set aside and keep covered

Add 4 Gallons water to 30-Qt Brew pot

Heat Water to 150of

Steep 1 lb. Crystal Malt (15L) for 15min. at 150oF

Remove Crystal malt and raise heat to full boil

Turn off heat; add 11lb. Light LME; add 1lb. Clear Belgian Candi Sugar

Turn on heat and return to full boil; Be careful about boil over

Skim off hot break if you want but not after you add hops

Hop Schedule

60 min. 1/2 oz Fuggles 4.75AAU

20 min. add Wort Chiller

2 min. add 1oz santium 6AAU

Finishing Up

Turn off heat

Cool Quickly to 70-75of

Pour vigorously into fermenter

Top off to 5 gal. With boiled water from 1st step

Aerate for 20min

Pitch Yeast Slurry White Labs Belgian Abbey Ale Yeast #WLP530

Airlock the fermenter if it is at least an 8 gallon primary otherwise blow off into a bucket or jug

Keep temp of fermentation 65-75of

*I use two stage fermentation, mainly for clarification. This beer makes a whole heck of a lot of yeast and much of it will not flocculate until the beer is bottled and refrigerated. I got an extremely active fermentation that started within 2hrs of pitching the yeast, and foamed like a rabid hyena. This was my second beer to brew and turned out very well. I will brew this beer again and wouldn't change a thing for my own taste. If you brew it and think it is too sweet add another 1/2 to 1 oz of fuggles this will bring your bitterness up to about 15-20 IBU.


Boil up your bottling sugar

Mix it in to your wort

Now bottle and let condition for 2 weeks

Refrigerate and enjoy....Should age well so save a bottle or two

Beer Stats

O.G.~ 1.090

F.G.~ 1.023

ABV.~ 8.8%

IBU ~ 8.5IBU

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