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BBQ Seasoning Reviews

The products below are tried and tested by me. These are not paid ads, and I let you know exactly what I think.

BBQ Seasoning Reviews by The Smoker King

Seasonings by Butcher BBQ

1. Texas Style Rub (Steak & Brisket)

Butcher BBQ Steak and Brisket Seasoning

I have tried many rubs from across the country, and made plenty of my own, but I was highly impressed with this rub labeled for Steak and Brisket. First I tried it on a couple of steaks for my wife and I - they turned out great. The flavors in the rub are very distinct, triggering all sides of your palette. It provides a perfect balance of sweet, sour, salt and peppery spice. I also tried it on pork ribs, and my BBQ team said they liked those ribs better than the ones we turn in for competitions... The last thing I tried it on was a few burgers I cooked the other night. They turned out great too. My conclusion is I highly recommend this rub and you can pick some up at: Butcher BBQ

2. Premium BBQ Rub by Butcher BBQ

Butcher BBQ Premium BBQ Rub

I really enjoyed this rub on chicken. It provided a nice, red color due to the paprika, and had a nice sweet flavor with a hint of salt and other spices. It is my favorite rub so far for chicken, and the bottle didn't last long. I smoked quite a few chicken pieces for father's day and the whole crowd loved it. I definitely recommend this rub on chicken! Get some here: Butcher BBQ