1000 Gallon Propane Tank BBQ Smoker Build

I am building a BBQ Smoker out of a 1000 gallon propane tank. A friend I met on my BBQ forum drew out some very unique and interesting plans to make the smoker work, and efficient. I am documenting my smoker build with pictures below and will keep you updated on the progress. It is not an easy task converting this large propane tank into a smoker, but I am getting it done!

Converting a 1000 Gallon Propane Tank to a BBQ Rig

1000 Gallon TankLarge BBQ SMokerBig SmokerTrailer Rig

Large BBQ SMokerbbq trailer rig1000 gallon propane tankbbq smoker build plans

car hauler bbq pit18 ft bbq hauler

Starting the Build

Cutting the Propane TankCut end off Propane TankCutting the Propane SmokerWorking on the new Smoker

The King Smoker Propane TankCut Round end off of Propane Tank

Building The Firebox

Drawing the Firebox EndFirebox EndCutting the Firebox EndFinished Firebox End

Purchased MetalBuilding the FireboxWelding the FireboxTacked the Firebox Plate

Firebox Plate 2FireboxLarge Firebox PictureTacked Firebox Picture

Firebox Door 1/29/10

Firebox Door Build Cutting Firebox Door FrameWelding the Firebox DoorFirebox Finished Door Edge

Firebox Hinges 1/30/10

Firebox Hinges Cutting Firebox HIngeFirebox HingesDesigning Firebox Hinges

HingesCustom HingesBuilding Firebox HingesWelding the Hinges

WeldingBBQ SMoker HingesHinges For BBQ Pit

2nd Firebox Hinge Design (First one didn't work) 1/31/10

Firebo HInge 2 Firebox HIngesFirebox HIngesN ew Firebox Hinges

Welding Firebox Hinges

Insulated Firebox Top 2/8/10

Top of FireboxInsulated Firebox TopBuilding Top Of BBQ FireboxBBQ Firebox Roof

Insulating Top Of FireboxWelding Firebox TopFirebox BBQ Pit

Firebox Circulation Tubes 2/10/10

Firebox Circulation Tubes Firebox Tubes

Firebox Air Intake 2/14/10

Firebox Air Intake Firebox Air Intake 2Building Air IntakeAire Intake

FireboxAir Intake DoorAire Intake WeldHinges

Welding Air IntakeFirebox Intake WeldWelding Welded Door

Firebox DoorClosed Firebox Air Intake

Attaching The Firebox 2/15/10

Attaching The FireboxCutting FireboxFirebox End CapCut Firebox End

Adding The BBQ FireboxPutting Firebox In PlaceAdjusting The FireboxFirebox Pictures

Firebox In PlaceTacked Firebox Weld

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