My name is Aaron Ralston, and I am The Smoker King. I live in Victoria, TX, and I created this web site to share outdoor cooking recipes and techniques I use at home and during during BBQ Competitions. I love to barbeque and I work to improve my cooking each time I fire up the pit. I don't think it can ever get too good.

Building smokers and cooking outdoors are two of my favorite pastimes, and I look forward to passing everything I learn to you. Use this site as an Online cookbook and a tool to motivate you to improve your BBQ or get new ideas.

Check back often for updates. I post new information, recipes, as often as I can.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at:

I will also post any pictures, recipes, etc that you would like to have on this website. Also, please visit the discussion forum and let the world know your opinions, techniques, and ideas about cooking outdoors.

Aaron Ralston
aka: The Smoker King