World's Mostest Besterest Blackened Steaks

This steak recipe was submitted by a good friend of mine, Curtis Lynn, from Lubbock Texas. He was my college roommate at Texas Tech University, and he loves to grill and fire up a smoker as much as I do. I appreciate the recipe Curtis!

Posted By: Curtis Lynn

Blackened Steak


1.Steak(s), I like NY Strips and Ribeyes the best, but that don’t matter. What does matter is that it must be at least ¾ inch thick or the best you can do is medium.
2. Your favorite Cajun blackening rub concoction modified -- easy on the cayenne and more black pepper. This is steak not a fish, or chicken.
3. Cast iron skillet
4. Outdoor gas burner
5. Jaccard
6. Clarified Butter (cooled)


1. Set the steaks on the counter ‘till they get to about 50-60 degrees F
2. Dip a room temperature steak in clarified butter both sides
3. Jaccard up one side
4. Jaccard up the other side
5. Apply blackening rub to both
6. Get your skillet nice ‘n hot. Preheat about 10min with flame that just covers the bottom of the skillet.
7. Put the steak on the skillet one minute each side, or until black and crusty. A ¾ inch steak will be about Medium Rare/Medium by now. A 1 inch steak will be on the Rare/Medium Rare side. It really depends on how hot you got your skillet. If you had to leave them steaks on there longer than 2 ½ minutes to get it nice and black it was too cold.

Finish on the grill or in the oven for those of you who like ‘em a little more done.


Don’t cut the steak or stick a thermometer in there to see how done it is. Just poke it with your finger. This may take some practice but it’ll keep them juices in the steak not burned up in your fire.

This‘ll make a good steak out of USDA Select. If you get Prime or better, I hear this is the only way to cook Wagyu beef, don’t bother with the Jaccard or the butter, that’s a little trick I play to get fat inside the lean meat, and tenderize it.

Even though you use a skillet, don’t try this in the house. It makes more smoke than you ever saw come out of your smoker. It ain’t that good ole mesquite smoke that hangs around for years, but it’ll smoke up your house something horrible. I guarantee your fire alarms will go off, and you’ll want to go somewhere else to breath.