Time and Temperature Chart for Smoking Meat

The smoking time and temperatures provided on this chart are relative, and may vary for your application. Please make sure all food is fully cooked before serving to insure the safety of the people eating your food. Also, food doesnt have to be burned to be done. When the internal temperature of the meat you are cooking reaches the temperatures in the chart, the meat should be fully cooked. I hope this smoking time and temperature helps.

Smoking Time and Temperature Chart

Brisket 1-1.5 hrs/lb 225-250 F 180 F
Turkey(8-12lb.) (Unstuffed) 7-9 hrs/lb 225-250 F 180 F
Turkey(13-20lb) (Unstuffed) 10-12 hrs/lb 225-250 F 180 F
Whole Chicken 3-4 hrs 225-250 F 180 F
Beef, Veal, Lamb Roasts 1 hr/lb 225 F 145-170 F
Pork Ribs 5-6 hrs 225-250 F 160-170 F
Beef Ribs 4 hrs 250 F 160-170 F
Pork Shoulder (Pulled Pork) 8 lb 1.25 hr/lb 250-275 F 190
Pork Shoulder 8 lb 1 hr/lb 250-275 F 180