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Pictures of Custom BBQ Smokers

Send your smoker and grill pictures along with a short story to: aaron@thesmokerking.com

Also, please check our our new friend for your BBQ needs:

Meadow Creek Smokers and Grills: A full line of revolutionary barbecue equipment, including smokers, pig roasters, chicken cookers, grills, and sinks.

The Smoker Kings First Pit Project

propane smoker250 gallon propane smoker250 gallon propane smoker250 gallon propane smoker
The pictures are of my most recent smoker building project. I built it out of a 250 gallon propane tank, so it can smoke quite a few pieces of meat at the same time. I estimate that it 's weight is around 800 pounds.

Smoke a Chew-Chew

train smoker backtrain smoker2train smoker sidetrain smoker
My son-in-law, a friend and I worked on this many hours and I am really proud of it. The bonus is that it cooks better than it looks. It is made of 1/2" pipe and all the plate is 1/4". The front opens as a drawer so no smoke or heat is lost due to the baffling and water trays. The back is all a grill which also has a lot of trick stuff. Hope you like the pics. Smoke a chew-chew.

Danny Love
Evan Maxwell
Jim Winters

Boss Hog

Boss Hog Smoker 4Boss Hog Smoker 2Boss Hog Smoker 3Boss Hog Smoker 1

One of a kind Stainless steel smoker/cooker trailer. The total cooking area is 22 sq.ft, which is spread across 4 stainless steel rotisserie racks. It is heated by wood charcoal & gas. 85.000 btu Water pan & tubes running buy the burner. Works great and has mouth dropping looks. I call it BOSS HOG.

Keith Kempers
Sioux City Iowa

Javier Guzman's Pit

Smoker PictureJavier's BBQ Pit
Javier Guzman from Weslaco Texas sent these pictures of the barbecue smokers he cooks on.

Marvin Smith's Pit

Smiths Smoker PitSmith's BBQ Pit 2nd Picture  
Marvin Smith from Watauga Texas sent these pictures: This barbeque smoker was built by me and a few friends, we have a lot of fun with it. It has 2 smokers, sink and water tank, wood box, utility box with c/d player. side burners, and a refridgerated cooler.

Maddux BBQ Train

Maddux BBQ TrainBBQ TrainBarbecue Smoker Pit
I do not have a write up on the pit, so if it is yours please send me an email with a small writeup and I will post it.
The Smoker King.

Texas Tech Smoker

Texas Tech SmokerTexas Tech Grill
I've had it 12 years. I did the competition cookoffs for awhile. Then, I started doing some catering. I read your article on smoking briskets. I'm onboard with everything you said except for the mustard. I'll try it, soon.

I smoke briskets 1hr 15min per lb at 225. Wrap in foil halfway. Don't open the door unless I'm adding ribs or chickens, or to stir my beans. I can tell by the color of the foil that the brisket is ready. Open the foil, and shake it a little. The brisket will move like jello.

I smoked one for a electrician friend the other day, he said he picked it up with both hands to remove it from the foil and it broke in half in the middle.

Paul Nobles

Brian, BBQing in Houston TX

BBQ in Houston TXHouston TX BarbequeBrian in Houston TX BBQing
"Just BBQing on a wonderful Saturday in Texas. Anyday that you BBQ is a wonderful day!!!"

Cajun Seeger's Mobile Pit and Crawfisher Cooker

Cajun SeegerCajun Seeger Crawfish Cooker
This is Cajun Seeger's pit. He know's his stuff about cooking up crawfish, and as you can see he has the tools to get the job done!!

Redneck Smoker

Redneck Smoker
A viewer submitted this pit. Nice one!!

Russell Marr's "El Toro Bravo™" & "El Boaro Bravo™"

Russell Marr's El Toro BravoSmoker BullRussell Marr's El Toro Bravo Bull Smoker El Toro Bravo Smoker
The Bull BBQ SmokerBull and Hog SmokerHog SmokerBBQ Hog Smoker
When people ask me what possessed me to build a smoker that looks like a bull, I like to tell them that I heard a voice, a voice that said  "Build a vessel - build it 5 cubits long and 3 cubits high - fill it with animals of all kinds - but mainly beef and pork ". Read More...


Joseph Wallace's Whole Pig Smoker

Joseph Wallae's Pig SmokerCinderblock Pig SmokerWhole Pig SmokerSmoking a Whole Pig
Joseph WallaceWhole Hog SmokerHog Smoker
Here area a few pictures of Joseph Wallace, family and friends enjoying his new creation on New Year's Eve, 2009. That pig looks great!!


Super Dave's Homemade BBQ Smoker

Super Dave's BBQ SmokerGeorgia Tech BBQ SmokerBBQ Smoker and Beer KegDavid Lipton's BBQ Smoker
Attached are pictures of my homemade (with the assistance of a buddy that is an excellent welder) bbq smoker.  It doesn't hurt I work in scrap metal and have an endless supply of material to use for very cheap.  I recently built the rear section of 3003 aluminum diamond plate to house my beer keg (with external tap).  I named this 3,100 lb monster, Smoke 'Em if ya got 'Em.  It goes with me to numerous parties and every Georgia Tech football game.
David Lipton
Roswell, GA


Caley Ediger's Homemade Water Heater Tank Smoker

Water Heater SmokerHomemade Smoker Water Heater Smoker ProjectHomemade Water Heater Smoker
Finished Smoker
My name is Caley Ediger and I am from Buhler, Kansas. This is the smoker I built from an old hot water heater tank. This took three weeks to build just working on it in the evenings after work. I only have $350 in it and it works great!


Josh Carlegis's Custom Propane Tank Conversion

Carlegis Custom Propane Tank SmokerCarlegis SmokerCarlegis Propane Smoker
It is done and ready to be seasoned this weeked.  I am putting this up on a trailer with a bunch of other stuff like a charcoal grill, fryers, and a kitchen sink but here is the pit by itself.... just need my temp gauge to get here and make a damper on the smoke stack.


Jerry Smith's Steeler's Pit

Jerry Smith's Steelers SmokerPittsburgh Steelers SmokerSteelers SmokerCustom Football Smoker
Jerry Smith's Custom SmokerSteelers Custom SmokerCustom Propane Tank Smoker
We build these here in leesburg, Ga. It's just a hobby. This one was built for A friend named Craig Powell. When it came into the shop we sanded it and applied 2 coats of heat paint. Then I done the logos and the yellow by hand.It was fun.He is a huge steelers fan as you can see, but I don't hold that against him LOL. We have one coming in that may get the Raiders logos on it.


Indasmoker; From Our BBQ Forum

Indasmoker's Custom BBQ PitIndasmoker Custom Smoker
Indasmoker is a great contributor to our BBQ forum. He submitted these pictures of his custom build.


Phil Wheeler's Redneck Riviera

Redneck Riviera BBQ BuildingPhil Wheeler's BBQCustom BBQ Room

When we built our house I wanted a place for a nice cooker and a 12 by 16 ft shed seemed to fit my plan perfectly I call it the Redneck Riviera. It comes complete with a 13" color TV that sits on a granite table with lounge chairs. The granite counter came from our kitchen after a screw up with our counters. The builder was supposed to come get it but he never did so I put in the shed. We live in Ohio so I wanted the shed to house my smoker for all year round cooking.


Big Johnson's Pits

BigJohnson Smoker1BigJohnson Smoker 2Big Johnson SMoker 5

The big one is a 500 gallon smoker with 4 racks on a 10 ft trailer. The next one is a 120 gallon on a custom trailer with 2 fish fryers The the rest are residential size wood and propane smokers



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