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Barbecue Articles

Clean Your BBQ Smoker by Aaron Ralston
Dirty Smoker - Learn how to clean and maintain your BBQ Smoker.

Barbeque Rub Basics by Aaron Ralston
Need a barbeque rub? How about creating your own.

It's Tailgating Season by The Smoker King
Get ready fellow tailgaters, football season has arrived once again..

What Exactly is Cold Smoking by The Smoker King
Cold smoking is very similar to hot smoking, except the cooking temp..

The Big Debate, Gas vs. Charcoal Grilling by The Smoker King
We have all heard or have been a part of a debate about which grilling..

Cilantro For Your Health by Judi Singleton
Cilantro - pronounced [sih-LAHN-troh] The leaves and stems of..

Let's Have a Barbeque Party by Valerie Giles
A wonderful way to entertain family and friends in an outdoor setting is..

Washers, a Great Pastime by Aaron Ralston aka: The Smoker King
At the last tailgate party we threw, a friend of mine introduced me to the game of washers.

Different Cuts of Steak by Shauna Hanus
Have you ever stood at the butchers counter and wondered, what is the difference between a top sirloin and a porterhouse.

Emu, The Natural Alternative for the Backyard Grill by American Emu Association
A hot new food for the outdoor cooking season:

How to Cook Turkey on Natural Gas Grills by Mike Wolderbaum
The holidays bring with them thoughts of carving and serving delicious turkey dinners to your family and friends


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